About the Festival

Welcome to La Principessa 2016

Early Music Festival from May to September in Kassel and Hofgeismar

During the period between 1550 and 1630 Kassel was one of the important musical centers of Europe. Musicians from other European countries visited the city which was then the capital of Hesse-Kassel; the court orchestra of the landgraviate was regarded as one of the leading ensembles of the day. A unique collection of musical scores accrued during this period and has survived until the present day.

In order to bring this cultural treasure once more to the attention of a larger audience and provide a stage for performing the music in public in our area, the society cavata cassel and the Evangelical Academy Hofgeismar have gotten together on a new project. They are presenting „La Principessa – An Early Music Festival“.

Welcome – “La Principessa” awaits you!